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Mini Store Report: Pizzaz CRB and Play All Day Shorts

June 19, 2013

 Pizzaz CRB 

I tried this CRB on in store and really loved it. It’s bright, but not quite as bright as the Energy Bra. Luon seems to mute colors ever so slightly while luxtreme intensifies them. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. It was all Nylon/Lycra with no polyester, so it felt really nice. A color like this really translates well into none athletic outfits.

I also tried on the Play All Day Shorts today and am glad I ordered them, although I’m on the fence with wether or not I’m keeping them. There are a lot of things I love about them such as the fabric (really soft and stretchy) and the style of the shorts. I think they could have given the option for longer length by adding snaps to unroll the cuffed hem. Instead its stitched on the outer and inner leg seam. You can still unroll the hem but then you get a scalloped hem where it pulls up at those stitched sides. They are pretty short, but the leg opening is really relaxed. I sized up in them in order to gain length and a more relaxed fit but I don’t think most people would want to size up unless you are curvy in the butt and legs like I am. My quads are pretty large so going with my lower size was possible and comfortable but it didn’t have the same cute slouchy look that more petite models have so I really do need the upper size to give the illusion of better proportions. You can easily cinch up the waist if its too loose fitting. I got the Power Purple which is cute but I’m thinking If I keep them I want the versatility of black or white instead. So wish these had come out in Soot Light. 

I didn’t bother trying on this Blissed Out Wrap because I haven’t liked it in a single picture. It was soft, but you can get soft with any of the other cotton french terry hoodies and pullovers that are out which are much more figure flattering. Pizzaz looks really different in the Free To Be Tank compared with the CRB and the Energy Bra. Almost looks washed out to me. 

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