Fit Review: Heathered Charcoal Wunder Under Crops

June 1, 2013

Yesterday I decided to return my Power Purple/Aquamarine Striped CRB in favour of these Charcoal Wunder Under Crops. I liked the CRB fine and was going to keep it but decided the crops are just a bit more special and rare (made in Canada and a rare colour!), and since I had my Contempo Jacket price adjustment it didn’t hurt my wallet at all. 

My store was already completely sold out of these crops except for a size 12 (they had been released the day prior at 10am!!) and so I picked up the last pair and drove over to another store to see if I could swap them out and that store also only had one pair left which happened to be my TTS, size 8. I’ve heard a lot of people have sized up in these since they do fit snugger and are more compressive, but I’ve also heard people that sized up where later finding the waist slipping down on them constantly. 

These are 41% Nylon with 42% Polyester and 17% Lycra so they do have a bit of stretch to them, but not as much as you may find on solid colored WU’s with zero polyester. Wearing them around I definitely found they relaxed a bit with the mechanical stretch.  My TTS is perfect and compressive and although I get a bit of muffin top, they stay in place at my waist enough that I could do a Crossfit workout in these no problem. People at my gym really don’t care if I have muffin top anyways.  Also, it’s funny that I found the 12’s really showed my imperfections (cellulite) while the more compressive 8’s smoothed everything over. They are completely opaque as well with bend over squat test so I think I would have ultimately regretted sizing up in these. 

Another thing to note is that the old static charcoal pants that lululemon used to make ALL the time, where notorious pillers between the legs. I think I had static charcoal still shorts that where incredibly pilly between the legs. I’m hoping these wear better, because I really hate having to be precious about my gym gear. 

I think these will be uploaded Monday night, and they will probably sell out pretty quick. My advise is to try your TTS. They will feel snug coming on but once they are on they feel comfortable on, and they relax a bit. 

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