Sorry for being MIA today in my blogger duties but we were traveling to Portland, Oregon for a mini family vacation. Man, I really, really love Portland. I may hit up a local crossfit box this week and also try a paleo food truck called Cultured Caveman, definitely want to try this vietnamese fusion place called Luc Lac (they make a cold, carbonated coffee drink!). Fun! In other news, earlier this morning I was able to get a price adjustment via the GEC for the Contempo Jacket which got re stickered this past weekend. If you got a Contempo Jacket at full price, call the GEC and ask for a price adjustment. 

I’m slightly tempted by this Voyage Hoodie in both the Power Purple and the Soot Light, but I suspect that even though they haven’t listed it, this jacket looks like it has that surf material in the contrasting panels. I looked at the Voyage Pullover today for the first time (my store doesn’t have it) and I really think the back material is kind of rough to be right against the skin. I think the Contempo Jacket has this same fabric layered on the outside on the shoulder panels, but it’s not right against the skin so I don’t mind it. I picked up the Power Purple Aquamarine CRB on Friday, so that didn’t tempt me tonight. The Still Grounded Pants are neat, they seem to be a remake of the Still Pants. 

Did you guys order anything tonight? I’m glad I wasn’t too tempted by anything since I’m finding a lot to shop for here in Portland.  

Still Grounded Pant 

Seems like an updated Still Pant design


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