Quite a few items tempting me tonight but I’m resisting. I really like the Ebb & Flow Racerback Tank but I find it very overpriced, and since the color I am drawn to most I already have in a CRB, I’m passing. Although I would love to try it on in store. It looks shorter than a CRB, doesn’t it?  LOVE the Power Purple In The Flow Crops too, but I think I like this color best in tops/jackets. I was considering getting a Zippy Green CRB to go with Light Soot items but I really don’t think the color would be flattering on me at all. I like the Club shorts since it’s a more modest bermuda length and a little dressier than my usual shorts, but every picture I’ve looked at today they have been very sheer in Mojave Tan, Aquamarine and White. What are you guys getting tonight? 

I’ve always liked clam diggers on, but have found them way over priced compared to the Still Shorts. $78 for CD’s vs $58 for Still Shorts seems steep. I have some old size 10 GUC still shorts for sale if anyone is interested. Too big on me now and unfortunately not replaceable. 

This is cute too but I don’t love the back panel of fabric being board short fabric. 

luxtreme boogie shorts


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