May 14, 2013

Nothing for me tonight although I do really like the Runbeam Hoodie in both Zippy Green and Power Purple/Aquamarine. The price is along the lines of the Hooded Sun Block Pullover from 2010, so definitely reasonable. I like the little detail of the looped in hoodie pulls so that they don’t flap around while you’re running. I probably would have gotten a zippy green CRB had it been uploaded. 

 I’m super curious about what fabric this jacket is. Teque Street… I thought maybe the material looked like the Out And About Pants but now that I think about it it may be the same double layer that is on the Contempo Jacket shoulders. Not a jacket that I’m in the market for but it is sort of cute in that bomber – denim style cropped jacket look. 

The Serene Pants are getting a bit of buzz since it’s been released in stores. I

I LOVE this Devotion Tee and had it been out two weeks ago I would have pounced. The past two weeks though have been really warm here though and I don’t know that I should be getting a LS now.