Decent upload tonight. But, I do love Power Purple so I’m biased. Did you guys order anything? I’m still mulling it over. I’m tempted by a few items. 

‘Bare Bum’

I’ve been thinking lately that with all these sheer lululemon pants, they really need to bump up their underwear offerings and include a nude color year round (or a variety of different nudes would be best). In fact, today I rummaged throw the underwear pile looking for a nude like color. I’d love a pair of hipster shorts that I can wear under In The Flow Crops or Ebb and Flows for that extra bit of opacity. 

I am really tempted by this jacket, but a few things are holding me back. first and foremost I believe they have yet again priced this jacket incorrectly and it will be slated for repricing just as my return period runs out. This is too much of a basic jacket to merit such a price, especially at a time when their quality is so low.  I kind of want to wait that out and see what inventory does.  I’m torn on sizing. I tried the Forme Jacket the other day and the size 8 was a touch too snug, the 10 was a touch too big. I have no clue how this one fits by comparison. Also, I’m gravitating to the Power Purple, but I also like Soot Light. 

Cool Racerbacks

I got Power Purple last week and I love it. Fits a touch tighter, made in Canada, soft nice luon. 

Scoop Neck Swiftly

Pretty Swiftly that I do not need. I do love the change though. Scoop Necks are way more flattering and comfortable than crew necks. I will take a scoop or v neck over a crew neck any day. 

Specialized Lululemon 


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