Tons of pictures today of the Power Purple Studio Crops but so far none of the Light Soot Studio Crops. I ended up picking up the Light Soot today because I’d heard that the elastic around the waist was different so I am hopeful that that change was a deliberate solution to the rolling waistbands that people have been experiencing for the past year. So far I think it is because it’s a bit of a stiffer ribbon compared to the last pair of Studio Pants I owned. The plastic ends on the ribbon aren’t my favorite look, but if it’s sturdier I can deal. I love Power Purple but ultimately I chose the Light Soot because it’s way more versatile and will go with every single one of my CRB’s where Power Purple will match three of them. Plus, it’s a really pretty grey.

Drish Tee

I sort of like the shape of this Drish Tee and the waffle print. I think I’d try it out if it ever reaches markdown ($19-$29 range)

Clarity Tank

 Front Racer Tank

Light Hearted Tank with Street To Studio Crops

I’m kind of weirded out by this trend of sheer tops paired sheer pants.  


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