Finally!! I’ve been waiting to see pictures of the Light Soot Studio Crops. I purchased these the other day but I’m torn on wether or not I’m keeping them. The problem is that I like wearing jeans and I like at least attempting to look a bit fashionable and not fall to ‘athletic clothing as street wear’ for my daily wear. But the crops are practical for my lifestyle. If it’s something I can mix and match real clothes with to make it look stylish then it gets a pass (like CRB’s). Gym clothes are no brainers, ‘active wear’ takes a little more consideration. This blog, Guest Etc. is such an inspiring resource but I’m rather uncreative when it comes to styling.  Obviously the answer to my conundrum with the Studio Crops is to get a denim jacket and a pretty scarf. And not wear the studio crops to parties. 

Zippy Green

People are really going crazy over this color but I’ve never been a big fan of the neons like Ray or Wild Lime. Maybe I’d get a CRB but I don’t see myself reaching for it. I guess I like the jewel tones most of all. 

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