This morning, several Lululemon centred facebook groups have been shut down by facebook at the request of Lululemon (as well as the personal accounts of group moderators), under the pretense of copyright infringement. If the groups have any stock photos up what soever, the groups have been shut down. This implies that Lululemon corporate has joined these closed and private groups with the soul purpose of espionage. This disgusts me to no end as I feel Corporate needs to get their priorities in order and stop acting like big brother. Rather than issuing a request for removal of stock photos, they have had the groups shut down with no warning. Thousands of group members (8000 plus for some groups) are left with a very bad taste in their mouth by this corporation that is so consumed with controlling their media image. The image you are leaving us with is that you do not like your customers. I am more than happy to do what Perez Hilton has done in the past and draw penis doodles on every single picture I post on this blog in order to protect my ‘fair use’. All of the images I use on lulumum: a lululemon blogger are available in various places on the internet and I believe to be public domain.


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