Sorry I didn’t post a lot tonight, I was at the Canucks game so I missed anything that stores posted after about 3pm. Apparently some stores have the In The Flow Crops in both Pinlelicious and Beach Blanket Blue. Early reports are that the pink are very sheer, and blue is only slightly sheer. I maybe be tempted to get a pair of the Beach Blanket Blue ones. I have almost zero luon bottoms but I have about 5 of these Ebb/Flow type pants. Anyhoo, tonight I ordered the Pinkelicious CRB and if I like it when it arrives I may sell my Raspberry Glow. I also ordered the Very Green Frangiapani Power Y but I’m worried it will be especially sheer since it’s white based, and it will very likely be high polyester content. What did you guys order tonight? 

New upcoming Groovy Grape color


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