How annoying!!! I stayed up till 11:15 PST and no upload so I have no idea what time the upload happened. Anyone know? I just ordered the Very Green Power Y (old version) but I think I would have liked it better in the luon light version which is longer. I don’t have much hope there will be a Very Green CRB so I got the Power Y just in case. Was tempted by the Bordeaux Drama Power  Y too but I really need to try one on first. So many Throw Me Over Hoodie colors uploaded. What a shame because it has such terrible reviews and since it hasn’t been seen in stores at all so no try ons. I don’t think those will sell well despite how pretty the colors are. Had those colors come out in the Rejuvenate Pullover I would have definitely gotten Vintage Sports Grey.

 Did you guys order anything? any idea what time the upload happened? 


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