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April 16, 2013

I decided to post these store photos because they were taken at my gym. One of my coaches is a Lululemon ambassador so she was featured in this photo shoot of the latest items. If you zoom in you may see my score on the board for yesterdays WOD. Don’t zoom in, it wasn’t pretty. 

Also, there is a new feature in the commenting section of my blog where you can now post pictures along with your comments. There is a little ‘photo’ icon on the bottom left of the commenting box, similar to facebooks photo posting button. I’m really excited for this feature because now readers can posts their store finds, fit reports or sheerness reports…maybe sales posts (Maybe I’ll have a weekly sales post on Sunday nights where people can post their items in the comments section along with their contact info). Please use it because I find it so informative to get opinions from a variety of people, especially since not all the blog readers are connected to the lululemon facebook groups. 

Run: Inspire Crops in White/Wee Are From Space Print, Very Green Swiftly SL

Run: Silver Lining LS Very Green

I’d like to try this top on since the material is nice and soft and I love the color but I’m bummed out its so short. 

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