The Christine Day Brand

Christina Day had two major interviews over the past few days. Here, Christine Day on Katie Couric  this morning touched on the Glass Ceiling that women face in the corporate environment.  Here, an article in the Globe and Mail on March 8,  Christine Day: In Sweaty Pursuit of Innovation. Lululemon is known by ‘THE MEDIA‘ as very media unfriendly as recently as late last year. I’ve spoken to a major published author who writes a column for the Globe and Mail who could not get an interview at all with Christine Day by his deadline.  They have never before been interested in granting interviews to major publications, but all of a sudden we are seeing a lot of Christine Day promoting herself as a woman CEO. I have two daughters. I am a feminist. I get it. It’s an accomplishment to be one of 20 female CEO’s in the world. A very big and proud accomplishment. So what are you selling us the viewers and consumers? Is this part of the brand strategy for Lululemon now? Or is this Christine Day Brand strategizing? I can’t help but remember the Barbie campaign last summer. It feels like they are having a reverse identity crisis. Like they haven’t quite figured out who their target consumer is yet, or how o play to her emotions with their campaigns, so they’ve gone a complete 180* from the Barbie campaign. Girl Power now. 

I found the Globe and Mail article very well written, and very informative as to the corporate culture changes that have happened to the company, and the creativity that has been lost since Chip Wilson has stepped down. I wish they had been able to keep at least some of that magic and the quality as they’ve made expansion their primary focus.  

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