Out & About Pant

I decided that I needed these Out & About Pants  after all since trying them on on Monday for the fit review, and my store had a very dwindled inventory for them so I had to go to another store that was fully stocked. I’ve pretty much sold off all my Studio Pants (except the Dune in case anyone is searching) and I like having a summery style of pant like these that look a bit more put together than sheer pants, or track pants. I initially gravitated to the Dune but decided that since I’m between sizes and the waist in my TTS was pretty loose that I’d size down in them, but the Dune isn’t forgiving enough for that so I went with black. These are super comfortable and I really love that the black ones don’t have a reflective logo on them but a black embossed incognito logo. They are stretchy and comfy and if someone wasn’t scrutinizing my sartorial choices, these could pass for casual non athletic pants. These are the kinds of pants that I think would work well with a CRB and a knit wrap or cardigan and ballet flats. I’m going to keep the tags on them though for the full two weeks since I’d really like them in slate or another mid toned neutral. 


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