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Fit Review: Run: Dash & Stash Pullover and Out & About Pant

March 18, 2013

Stopped in at my store this afternoon to quickly look for Very Green items (no CRB or anything like that today), and found these very cute Out & About Pants. I love them and much prefer these to Studio Pants. They are very much shaped like jeans or trousers with a zip up fly, loops at the waist for a belt, nice back pockets and very well structured. It’s made out of 100% polyester but the material is much like the latest rain jackets (similar to Rise and Shine Jacket?). I was torn on the sizing since the 8’s where snugger in the legs and butt but perfect in the waist, and the 10’s where nice and loose but too big in the waist. If it had been a dark color I would have been fine with the 8’s, but in the light Dune I didn’t feel comfortable enough sizing down. They had these in in black as well but I’m hoping they come in Slate Grey which I will for sure snap up if they do. I really like Dune but just wanted something a little darker. I’m feeling a little sad that I didn’t bring these home but I’m trying to wait and see what Very Green items come out, and then I’ll decide. Plus, I just wasn’t sure how jean like trousers in athletic material would fit in my closet. I do see myself getting these in the future though. 

size 10

Size 8

Run: Dash & Stash Pullover was in as well and when I saw it on facebook this morning and read that it was coming in Faded Zap I was sure I’d be picking one up. I liked it enough (this is size 8 on me. I think I’m size 8 on top now), but didn’t LOVE it. The material felt really thin and delicate and since I do have a pullover (Run: Track & Field Pullover) which is slightly thicker, I didn’t feel like I needed to get this one. It’s shear, and it’s quite stretchy but its not much of a wind blocker and I didn’t think it looked as good on me as my Track & Field. Sad that so far the Faded Zap CRB and this have both been busts for me. 

the price underneath this reprice sticker is $148. $128 seemed pricey but $148 would have been out of the question

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