by Cristina

Fit Review: Lululemon Swim Line 2013

March 14, 2013

Sorry folks, not pictures for this fit review. Actually, you are welcome for that. Before I begin I just have to say this line is an improvement on last years line (thanks to the cup pockets alone), but a swim review is entirely subjective so just because something didn’t work for my anatomy, doesn’t mean it wont work for yours. I tried everything on in my TTS 10 and I would say these fit TTS but not for the curvier builds. 

I really liked this Coastal Om Triangle Top. I’m a full B cup or small C (36C usually) and the coverage was good enough for pool lounging. I really liked the way the straps in the back are configured because it made it feel pretty secure. It wasn’t complicated to put on, or to tie the back. No lifting or hoisting of the girls in this string bikini top, so if supportiveness is a concern you may not like this one. All the tops had cup pockets and cups inside so the modesty coverage was their and maybe very slightly lifting and shaping. 

 This Board Balance Sport Top is much more modest, and was a lot cuter on in person than I thought it would be (all the items I tried on where the Surge/Faded Zap/Pop Orange combo which is really cute). The thing I didn’t care for though was the adjustable strap in the back. No matter how I adjusted it it tugged on my neck and the adjustable clasp wasn’t secure enough to stay where I placed it without quickly letting the straps stretch out.  The back strap is also a raw edged laser cut piece of fabric and I really didn’t care for that edging. I thought it could have been nicely surged or something. 

 This top, I think it was called the Sandy Savasana Top which I thought would be modest, was the worst of all. The cups where super far apart on me and felt much less secure compared to the triangle top. I really, really hated the back straps which where in a y shape along my shoulder blades and the material again is laser cut raw edged. Just felt sort of cheap and unfinished and didn’t feel great on around my shoulder blades. 

 The Sandy Savasana Bottoms are so cute but sadly the coverage is less than I’d hoped. The rise is way too short for my anatomy so when I move around you can see the top of my butt. If I stayed very still by the pool it would be fine, but if I decided to say, swim, my butt would hang out. The gusset is also pretty narrow considering this is a boy cut bottom.

All in all, the designs and colors are cute, but the fit is off for me and the finishings where very basic, especially for the pricing. I did not at all care for raw edged straps. I would have gone with the triangle top but there is no point when the bottoms didn’t work for me. I’d rather just buy a really well constructed two piece swim suit at another time. 

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