Nothing for me tonight, although I am interested in the Bleached Coral CRB but since Sour Apple Green is coming I am holding off for now. Some new colors where shown tonight, Moon Glow (light blue) and Hampton Blue (dark blue, currently in mens line) and Fresh Teal which will pair nicely with Sour Apple. The Frond Swiftly LS and SS finally got uploaded. I love them but I very rarely wear the Swiftly I do have so I don’t need anymore. I don’t care for the Ocean Stripe Mellow Lemon CRB, mostly because the ocean stripe pattern is made up of Burning Yellow and I kind of hate the combo. I have the Bang Buster in that color but I like the solid Mellow Lemon side. Holy Chip Wilson on the Surf To Studio Jacket price, right? That is insane!! Did you guys order anything tonight? What did you think of the upload? 

Moon Glow/Hampton Blue 

 Fresh Teal


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