An interesting upload tonight. I found a few items I liked this time around, but ordered the Frond Free To Be Tank, The Mellow Lemon CRB and decided to take a pass for now on the Frond Energy Bra. I love the color, but pairing it with other tanks may be difficult. I see it working with Gingham Frond of course, perhaps my Black Swan CRB….but not really any of my other CRB’s. It would look great under Inkwell or White, but I don’t have either of those two colors.  Did you see the Scuba Hoodie Stretch now comes in a *lined hood version? I also heard they will be making them a little longer now (not sure what color run it’s starting with, maybe this run) so I’m excited that they really heard that feedback and implemented it quick. What did you guys order tonight?? Did you find this a finally somewhat exciting upload after about 10 weeks of lamo uploads? There are a lot of items that just aren’t my style, but I managed to find 3 items this upload that I liked. 

Love the pattern/texture on these Wunder unders. But there is a sheerness warning on them so make sure and do the bend over test. 

Run: Two To Make It True Jacket has a much nicer reverse side I think. It’s almost like a bomber jacket on one side, and a completely different silhouette on the other side.  


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