I feel bitter every time I see this Mellow Lemon Street To Studio Jacket because as much as I love it, it’s to fricken short. 

My store got the Frond Swiftly SL (not the SS or the LS) and I was quite surprised at how saturate the color looked in person. I hadn’t even thought about getting a swiftly in this color but seeing it in person I am tempted. Passed on the SL however because it is ridiculously short. What is going on here??? Some US stores got the Gros Gingham Frond Speed Shorts in today and Frond Bang Busters but my store didn’t get those in. 

Frond/White Ocean Stripe Cool Racerback. I just got mine and like it enough to keep it, but have a few nits with it. It’s 56% polyester. Not a crazy amount…but why? The fit is on the big side, its not super slick like some polyester CRB’s though so I can live with it, but the added polyester makes the white portions more sheer than they need to have been.  Another thing that bugs me is that the stripes at the neck and at the sleeves and at the armholes don’t match up with the stripe in the body. Why? Such a obvious detail that takes away from the print. Why not just edge it in solid Frond instead of having a chopped up stripe? 

 Street To Studio Jacket in Frond Green. 

This picture of the Studio Surf Jacket is from Australia. It’s not in North America yet but perhaps we will see it uploaded on Monday along with the Swiftlies in Frond. 

 Gather & Crow Crop in Frond with Mellow Lemon Practice Freely Tank

Burning Yellow Forme Jacket

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