Lucky Australians got the Frond/White Ocean Stripe Cool Racerback Last night. I love it. I initially was just interested in Frond but that has developed into a deep lust over the color. It sort of reminds me of the springy green Starbucks used a while ago in some of there mugs, especially when it’s paired with white. I also find it kind of beachy preppy. Boy, do I ever over thing colors.  Anyways, I did end up ordering the Frond Energy Bra because as I looked thru my Cool Racerbacks I realized it paired with quite a few of them: Raspberry Glow, Black Swan, Lolo, Gingham Frond, Savage, Classic Stripe Black White…maybe even Beaming Blue. Oh, and it’s part of Canuck Colors so I can pair it with Pigment Blue on game days. 


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