Lots More Of The Latest: Proceed With Speed Crops, Mellow Lemon Ocean Stripe CRB, Mellow Lemon Studio Pants and More

My store didn’t get this CRB in today but I’m hearing from reports of people that received there’s that it’s pretty much as I suspected and the same as the Bang Buster Ocean stripe headband I got last week. Mellow Lemon with Burning Yellow Stripes. It’s really pretty but I know I don’t like Burning Yellow  so I’m passing. 

Mellow Lemon Studio Crops *Unlined

with the Groove Pants in Bleached Coral, 

 Pairs really nicely with the Inkwell Rejuvenate Hoodie, but I still think these look like nurses scrubs.

Dune Gingham Wunder Unders

Proceed With Speed Run Crops

 Inkwell Ocean Striped Run: Pace Tank on the right

Surf To Studio Jacket


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