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Fit Review: Rejuvenate Hoodie Bleached Coral and Mellow Lemon

February 21, 2013

I stopped in at my store in hopes of seeing the Rejuvenate Hoodie in at least black to try on for fit, but was really lucky and they had two colors I liked in, ahead of the upload. I didn’t intend to get two of these today but I was really surprised at how much I loved the Bleached Coral, and I already knew I loved Mellow Lemon. These jackets are form fitting/fitted so I’m really surprised Lululemon has listed them as loose fitting on their website. I could technically size down to the 8 and it’s still comfortable, but it doesn’t look right. The 10 fits well, has room but still looks fitted and not a relaxed fit at all. 

I’m a bit worried sometimes going with the 10 in items that as I loose weight (I’m on round 3 of Whole 30) things in my size 10’s will look sloppy – but thats not the case with fitted items like these. I’m pretty sure if I dropped down to a size 8 the 10 Rejuvinate Hoodie would still look good on.

 The bleached coral is a really pretty peach color in this material, and the stretch cotton french terry is soft. The only thing of note is that they are light colors and thin cotton so you may find them a little sheer with dark prints underneath. I’m wearing a solid grey Devotion LS underneath and it looked fine. The one thing that really bugs me on these is that Lululemon definitely cheaped out on the features. No thumbholes, no embroidered logo, no zipper pull. These are things that have always been standard on their hoodies apart from any additional features – yet they’ve priced it $18 too expensive, all because we have had a light hoodie drought. Just think of all the detailing that the Carry and Go Hoodie had with all the pockets, snaps, embroidered logo and thumbholes all for the same price (Carry and Go was $108!) The hoodie strings on these are super long, and stretchy so if they sit uneven its harder to straighten them out. And uneven hoodie pulls drive me bananas. Compared with the Street To Studio Jacket, I think they are pretty similar in length and are both ‘cropped’ to sit at the top of the hips (the StS Jacket was ridiculously short on me) but the Rejuvenate Hoodie just looks more balanced on to me so I mind the cropped length much less. 

Left: Size 10 TTS   Right: Size 8 sized down

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