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January 9, 2013

This month (and the last two for that matter) has been so slow with products, hence my light posts. I’m debating going to the Lululemon 2013 Warehouse sale which is in Vancouver this year but just can’t think of anything I’d like to wait in a 3 hour lineup for. If I go, I’ll be sure to write about it. 

I forgot to mention that I ended up returning the Pink Shell Classic Stripe Devotion Tee LS I ordered last week because it was super sheer, and also it looked very much like a pajama top. I ended up ordering the solid Pink Shell one last night to check out but I’m not sure I’ll keep it. I also returned the Burning Yellow Swiftly SL. The yellow was quite orange in person (and sheer) and I want to see if the Cool Racerback (due out mid to late month I hear) will be slightly lighter. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep the CRB but the swiftly just didn’t wow me over. 

Ooooh, so, tomorrow I get my RX Jump Rope that I ordered a couple of weeks ago and I’d love to do a review on it (not sponsored). I am excited about working on getting my double unders with my pretty new purple and coral jump rope. I’ve gotten a few double unders so far but just need a lot of practice and I hate the jump ropes at my gym. Most of the ropes are wire, and the heavier plastic ones I prefer are slightly too big for me. 

Spring Has Sprung Speed Shorts and Mint Moment Swiftly LS

 Run: U-Turn Pullover in Herringbone

Saw this one today and as much as I love Herringbone it didn’t change my mind about the U-Turn Pullover

Wunder Under Crop *Color Blocked

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