I stopped in my store today in hopes of exchanging my Burning Yellow CRB for the Gingham Frond one, but sadly it was not in today. I did see the Still Pants and really liked the Inkwell one (especially because of the contrast ties). I also liked the Dune but am not sure I’d wear it often. I’m going to wait and see with the Still Pants because I think they will be around for a while in the neutral colorways. 

 I think these CRB’s (Gingham Black, Frond and solid Bleached Coral) will be uploaded tonight. I’m getting the Frond Green one of course, but I’m told it feels like a thin version of the ziggy striped CRB’s which means it will probably end up as casual wear for me. Bleached Coral is really pretty but I have Shell Pink and it’s too similar for me to justify.

 I think I’m 100% going to get the Free To Be Bra (in case there is not a solid Frond CRB).

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