by Cristina

Mini Store Report

January 21, 2013

I just got back from literally racing out the door to get my Ebb And Flow Crop II  and the Burning Yellow CRB and I am in love with both. The Ebbs are definitely thicker this year so if you stick to your TTS they shouldn’t be sheer. I think with this fabric there is always a risk of sheerer batches so you do still need to double check and weed through. I unfortunately am in a weird sizing place. I’m still size 10 but 10’s are getting looser on me so I needed to get the 8’s for when the 10’s are too big. Well, the 8’s fit perfect with a bit of excess fabric in the legs….but they are sheer in the bumb…so I can’t wear them until I am legitimately an 8 even though they are fine everywhere else. I don’t feel like this reflects on the opacity of the pants since it is a size down for me, and they do feel thicker, but thought I’d mention it anyways. The longer length of the Ebbs are so awesome, and the waist feels just as compressive and high as the last run. The Burning Yellow CRB is beautiful. It really is more a gold varsity yellow with orange undertones than it is a buttery yellow (I was hoping for a buttery yellow) so I’ll just stick to the CRB, but it is gorgeous and definitely a keeper. The 105F Singlet in burning yellow/Inkwell was in as well and it’s pretty. It’s almost a blend of silverscent and sheer luon I thought, so a bit silkier and it has horizontal lines that silverscent has. I didn’t see a lot else in store but I had blinders on for the Ebbs and the CRB. If we ever see the Black Swan and Raspberry Glow Ebbs I will probably get those too since they are all I wear to Crossfit. 

Light Flare Ebb And Flow II Crops and Flip Your Dog Bra

105F Singlet Burning Yellow

Inkwell Ebb and Flow II Crops, 105F Singlet Burning Yellow/Inkwell

Black Ebb and Flow II Crops

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