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Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2013 Vancouver

January 18, 2013

Are you planning on going to the Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2013 Vancouver tomorrow or this weekend? I was lucky and got an invite late last night from a lovely reader for the pre sale event today held for employees and friends and family,  and I moved mountains to get babysitting for this evening in order to get you guys a bit of a scoop. Unfortunately, I’ve been gag ordered (as I’m ‘the media’ evidently) so I will not be sharing with you prices of specific items since I was there in a ‘shopper’ capacity and not as ‘media’. Don’t bother emailing me, I’m not gonna budge and break the inner circle of trust.  I WILL let you know though, that I purchased myself one pair of mitts and an Ivivva Jacket for my daughter…and sadly that was all I came home with hard as I tried. I really wanted a What The Fluff Pullover for myself at a lower than WMTM price, but there weren’t any in sizes 8, 10 or 12 at all. I did see them in other sizes though. Also, I had my eye out for Ebb and Flow Crops since I decided I wanted last seasons grey ones, but no such luck. Basically, there was huge volume of product but not huge selection. I think a lot of what was marked down for Boxing Week did not move so there where plenty of those items available. If you shopped boxing week, you know 95% of the products that are there, the other 5% are new items and they were not flying out the door. Not many of the basics, not much from the first half of the year, it was all mostly winter items. Oh, and swim wear.  Lots to keep the average very casual lululemon shopper happy but for those of us that hit the stores up frequently, and WMTM – we’ve already had access to those sale prices. Ebay is already saturated with those items. 

My strategy for the warehouse sale was to wear my Carry and Go Hoodie so that I could have my hands free.  Because of all the great zip pockets the Carry and Go has I could keep my cash and ID and cell phone at hand without having to carry my purse. I definitely recommend something like that or a light jacket that has zip pockets or a vest with zip pockets. Comfortable shoes you can slip in and out of are essential (uggs or faux uggs) and Wunder Unders! You will probably want to try stuff on over your pants rather than waiting in the dressing room lineups. Also, remember to take water with you and chapstic. I was quite parched and since it was on the field of the stadium and concession was closed I had to wait till I got home to get some water and by then my mouth felt like the Sahara. The prices are color coded and the Jumbotron has a legend on it.  I took transit home which was much cheaper than paying for parking so I definitely recommend that, although not if you plan on having a lot of bags to carry with you. The limit was 20 Lululemon items, and 20 Ivivva items which was not a problem for me.  

In the end, I’m really glad I was able to take this off my schedule for Saturday and that I get to go to Crossfit instead. I was really torn about wether I was going to go at all and miss Crossfit and working out with all my buddies, or chancing huge lineups and not knowing what the selection would be. 

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  1. Unknown says:

    Was the line for the pre sale long? I am going to the boston one tomorrow

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