After the last earnings call, I completely forgot to mention that Christine Day had discussed two upcoming Swim Capsules for 2013. The first one will be early in the season and meant as a training, serious technical line (probably for Triathlons) and hopefully they will not be the hot mess that Lululemon Swim 2012 was. Hopefully they took notes from the feedback and we wont see another giant fire sale at the outlets with huge bins of ill fitting, unlined bikinis. The second capsule expected later, closer to summer, will be more of a fun, summer beach line. In todays upload they feature this picture (for the Lululemon blog post) and the swimmer looks to be wearing a Spring Has Sprung printed swim suit (I may be wrong, but I think this is definitely a Lulu swim suit), so I’ll bet we will see this capsule very shortly. 


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