One of my crossfit trainers is featured on my stores product alert emails! How cool is that! Jen is one of my favorites at the Crossfit box (shhh! don’t tell the guy trainers, they are all my favorites too). She really encourages me to lift a little heavier, and she suggested removing the starchy vegs from my Whole 30 diet and that really made me see results fast.  If my back and shoulders can look like hers I will use whatever weights she tells me to. This is her paleo blog, West Coast Paleo and one of my sources during the Whole 30 challenge. 

Swiftly SS in Beaming Blue and Beaming Blue CRB

The Miracle Jacket

I checked this out in store today and I’m still really surprised at the price. 

Run: Speedy Turtleneck

 Bold In The Cold Pants

Run: Draft Dodger Jacket

Swiftly SS in Polar Cream Lace Print, Laceoflage Speed Shorts

I saw this in store today and I could hardly tell it had the print on it due to the color being so light. Also, I thought the Polar Cream looked a bit murky and not as nice in the swiftly. 

 Run: Bundle Up Jacket Reflectivity

As much as I love the lace overlay on the reflective material, the lace is pretty delicate and I worry about how easily it will snag. 

Runder Under


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