It’s been a loooong time since my last fit review and I finally felled compelled to get out there and try some things on. The What The Fluff Line as well as this gorgeous new print, Laceoflage in the Free to Be Tank. The Tank itself doesn’t call to me since it’s not as forgiving as a CRB for me to workout in (although it wasn’t as fitted as I expected it to be). The print is GORGEOUS!!! It’s a saturated inky print on a nice cream base. I want all the things in this print!

Free To Be Tank Laceoflage

 What the Fluff Jacket – $248 

This jacket is pretty cute and warm (800 Fill apparently)  but it’s darn pricey. If the Run: Turn Around Jacket is also 800 Fill (according to GEC’s 3rd revision) then that seams like a greater deal at just under $200. Sure this jacket has the added features of the inner fleece bib, and stowable apron in the back and hood but if you can live without those features the I’d go with the Run Turn Around. The cuffs felt slightly snug on this jacket. This is my TTS size 10 and it fit well. If you liked the Run: Bundle Up Jacket but felt it fit you too snug and ‘weird’ as I’ve heard some comment, you may like this one. It’s similarly styled with the hood, bib and collar so it has that same look. Much warmer too. I overall liked the What The Fluff Line today but prefer my Run: Turn Around Jacket I got recently more than these items and I didn’t feel the lust to add any of these items to my wishlist. Although I do admire the pullover quite a bit. 

The apron at the back which can get stowed completely covers my rear. 

the inside snaps where you bundle up the bustle. 

Run: What The Fluff Pullover $198

I really liked the look of this pullover, especially the neckline. I also really liked that it fit longer than last years which felt a touch short for my long torso. I wasn’t in love with the Clarity Yellow colorway in person (although I do like that color in certain items). You can see the feathers thru which is fine for me in colors like white/ivory but in yellow it gave it a weird tinge. The fit was slightly snug, especially in the arms and cuffs and hips so if I was going to wear anything thicker than a Swiftly LS I would want to try the size up. Bigger busts definitely size up. I definitely would prefer this in a slightly slouchier around the middle look so in another color and a size up I probably would have felt it pulling at my heartstrings a little more.

Run: What The Fluff Vest – $158

This was a really snug fit compared with the other items. I tried on my size 10 and on the correct side (Limitless blue out) it was all smooshed down everywhere and pulling. I would definitely size up to a 12 in this one. If you have C cup or larger size up! Keep in mind I had a thin cotton french terry sweater on underneath (not so with the other items) but still, a RULU pullover is approximately the same weight as this sweater and in winter I will always have something this weight underneath.  I liked that its reversible and it has a magnet at the very top to keep the neckline from flopping around. When I wore the Polar Cream side out it looked much less smooshed all around due to the quilting but I still felt like I needed a size up. 

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