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Product Drop Monday: St. Moritz Jacket, Apres Chalet Items and More

November 27, 2012

** Upload is happening tonight according to GEC**

Power Y in Laceoflage Polar Cream Beaming Blue

I love the black/polar cream version. This version not so much. It looks so much like Porcelain Beachy Floral and that is so summer to me. 

Apres Sicki

Cute in this picture but I’m not sure how versatile and wearable this scarf is. I’ll need to try it on soon.

St. Moritz Jacket

I looked at this one today and was surprised at how much of it was fleece. It’s nice

Chalet Keep Your Head Cozy

this is a double layered toque

Chalet Keep Your Neck Cozy

Chalet Keep Your Legs Cozy

Apres Mitt Warmers

The finger division in these are probably super practical but they creep me out a bit. 

Free To Be Bra in Laceoflage

I just received mine a few minutes ago and I’m a bit torn. I love it, love the print, definitely supportive enough and has enough coverage for Crossfit. For some reason the bra band in the back is sitting a lot higher than the front. It’s causing a lot of bra fat under the bottom band which I don’t get with other bra tanks like the power Y. With the PY the bra band is the same level all the way around but for some reason this one sits higher in the back than in the front.  I need to try another one in store to see if it’s a defect with the one I got or if it’s just the length of the straps being slightly too short. I also have a blank spot in the print on my left hip and I think I want a print distribution that is darker on the outsides in order to slim. I do love the tank though and I love that it’s as long as a CRB. 

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