Thanks to reader ‘E’ for sending in this snapshot of a new bag she saw in a magazine (Entertainment Magazine). It’s the Take Me With You Tote priced at $178!!!!!!!! and instead of a running shoe pouch it comes with a small sock pouch. It looks like the bag is Limitless Blue on the bottom, and a newer print which we will be seeing in other items shortly.

Another inside tip is that corporate has started to push back on quality returns so be prepared for that with the new color Raspberry Glow. Items in that color are being sent out with a lovely little warning postcard (pictured below) instructing on how to wash. Even though Christine Day has said on the last earnings call that the problem with Paris Pink (and other colors) was not lack of proper laundering or ph of our sweat but the fact that they knowingly pushed color boundaries and pushed neon colors that they knew would probably leach, and they knew they were not fixing the dyes adequately. I will continue to publish quality issues that come up without hesitation and will be sure to inform you of all reported issues.

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