The lovely ‘Ms. Q’ stopped in at her local store today for us since her store is first to release the newest items on Fridays and Saturdays (everyone else gets to see these items on Monday night uploads – Ms. Q should get a gift card thrown her way!). We very much appreciate getting a peek at the latest. 

Run: Bundle Up Jacket

I believe this one is solid Limitless Blue, although it could be Alberta Lake. I’ll clarify and get back to you. 

Roast Toasty Tech Love Red $128 with the Runder Unders

This pullover is tech fleece and has a what looks like a subtle diamond print 

Roasty Toasty Tech $128, Ice Queen Pants (Brushed Power Luxtreme) $108 

 Ice Queen Pant with Ice Queen LS (RULU) $108

I think the Clarity Yellow version is cute but I’m really not sure about the elbow pads (Water Resistant!!?! weird, just weird) and the shoulder pads so they are not on my list. I also don’t like the curved apron hem


Ice Queen LS – $108 

Black and Clarity Yellow (love this color all of a sudden)

Run: First Base Tank

Black, Clarity Yellow/Limitless Blue

 Love Red and Raspberry Glow/Black Swan


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