I almost missed seeing this CRB in Beaming Blue thinking that it was Limitless Blue at first glance but it is actually Beaming Blue. It’s quite gorgeous but I’m not sure I can justify it. I have a Pigment Blue and Limitless Blue CRB and I love those so much. I wear those the most to Crossfit. Actually, maybe another solid blue would be a good idea. The Devotion Tee LS is also listed as coming in Beaming Blue and that is definitely something I want. I hope these are uploaded tonight. Lululemon stated on their Sunday night blog post that we would see some of their sneak peek items on Thursday’s upload – take from that what you will. I apologize for my incorrect statement that there was going to be an upload on Monday night but it seems several people were getting different responses from Lululemon. 

Beaming Blue Cool Racerback


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