by Cristina

Fit Review: Black Swan Off The Mat Jacket

November 28, 2012

Sad times. I received my Sunday night order and I’m 99% sure both items will be going back. First of all, I hated the Classic Stripe Pink Shell Vinyasa on me. The shade of pink is really unflattering on me in person which is weird because pinks are usually pretty universally flattering and I like pinks generally. I didn’t even mind the black strip of ribbon on the ends, but the tone of pink is just really weird. 

Secondly, the Off The Mat Jacket in Black Swan. I owned this jacket last year and loved it but ended up selling it at the end of the season because the bulk at the neckline was sooo much that I was constantly aware of it. The profile of that cowl neck is so wide that you cannot see your own legs and feet. It’s a lovely jacket but it’s definitely a statement jacket and the bulk at the upper chest and neck made me feel like I was wearing a super hero costume with all that fake muscle padding. The different depths to the two side pockets is a minor annoyance and would not have been a deal breaker but I really wish they would have tweaked the neckline even slightly. Perhaps just a single layer of the sherpa fleece rather than having it lined in the low pile fleece on the outside and the sherpa. Line it in swiftly for that panel instead! The jacket is WARM, so if you live in a cold climate you will be happy with that but here in rainy Vancouver I’d need a rain jacket over top of it on most days, and it doesn’t get that cold here so it’s just conducive to my lifestyle. Also worth noting is that this jacket needs to be zipped up. It’s asymetrical closure really looks odd when you leave it open since one side of the jacket is longer and heavier. it looks like you are wearing a  jagged fleece blanket. That also wasn’t a deal breaker for me, it’s really the neckline that has me heartbroken. The positive though is that this colorway, Black Swan, is so gorgeous in person and so much softer than last years black version. It’s seriously velvety soft inside and out. If any other fleece item comes out in this same material and color I will be getting it (but if it’s the Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover, thats another fleece item that I could have loved but was bothered by the bulky neck) . This jacket has two fleeces on it, a sherpa high piled fleece and a low pile fleece lining the outside. It’s quite different from the other fleece pullovers in that even the low pile is much more densely packed so its way better quality fleece than say, the Apres Run Pullover from last year or the Post Run Pullover from the year before. I say, get it if having to return it isn’t an inconvenience, give it a chance. It may or may not work for you but when this jacket does work it is gorgeous on. I suspect this jacket is much better balanced on a person with slimmer legs and hips.

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