Nada for me. I really had my heart set on the Ebb and Flow Crop II’s and would have probably gotten both Black Swan and Raspberry Glow. Ah well, it’s almost better if they come out next week. I may like the vinyasa scarves in person but I really need to see them to see which one is most wearable. 

Our favorite male Lululemon model

Thank you. 

So tempted by these adorable Raspberry Glow Reversible Wunder Unders. I love that you can see the Raspberry Glow contrast stitching on the Black Swan side. 

Raspberry Glow CRB

Cute costumes

 The new Vinyasa Scarves. I’m so tempted by this pink one but on the zoom in the edges looked raw and that really turned me off. I think thats what turns me off every time I check them out in store as well. 

Devotion Tee SS. I really like the look of these but have yet to try one on. 

Another cute costume. 

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