Product Alert Images: Swiftly Tech Turtleneck, Limitless Blue Run Inspire Crops, Run: U-Turn Pullover, Raspberry Glow CRB, Vinyasa Scarves and More

I really miss getting the product alerts prior to the upload which 99% of stores have stopped putting out but occasionally we do get a peak at what’s to come for upload with these product alert emails so thanks to my lovely reader ‘Ms. S’ for forwarding me her email she got from her store (US). 

Swiftly Tech Turtleneck

I really dislike turtlenecks so I’m not interested in this design but some of you will love it for winter runs. 

Run: Inspire Crop II Clarity Yellow/Limitless Blue

These are wild and really remind me of the Seawheeze Spry Blue/Grey Inspire Crops. 

Run: For Your Life Crop Limitless Blue Wee Are From Space

Run: U-Turn Pullover

Wunder Under Pant Reversible Limitless Blue

These reverse to black

 Cool Racerback Tank *Luon Light Raspberry Glow

Checked this one out in store today. It’s pretty but I didn’t feel lusty over it so didn’t get it. 

Vinyasa Scarf

I don’t have a vinyasa scarf but I’m tempted by these. 

 This one is listed as Mini Check Pique!

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