Happy Halloween! The Lastest: Swiftly Turtleneck, Limitless Blue Inspire Crops, Run U-Turn Pullover and More

Happpy Halloween readers! I think I’m going as a Lululemon Ninja today with my black wunder under pants and my black swan CRB. My daughters have some butterfly wings we got at the Zoo recently so they are going as butterfly princesses fairies. Tutu’s, Butterfly wings, magic wand and tiara. It’s a mash up. 

Swiftly Turtleneck with 

Run: For Your Life Crops

Spin It To Win It Tank

Run: U-Turn Pullover

Run: U Turn Pullover and Run: Inspire Crops

I love the Blue Inspire Crops but I’m just hating the color block trend lately. I would have much preferred these items with subtle contrasting on it. The Limitless Blue Inspires would have been nice with Clarity Yellow Stitching on it at the arches and maybe a Clarity Yellow Zipper on the back pocket. The pullover just seems so cartoon super hero. I hate feeling like I’m wearing a costume.  

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