If you where online yesterday to catch the surprise accidental upload and you placed an order, it’s looking like most customers today are getting shipping notices. I myself got my shipping notice a few hours ago so I guess I should expect a delivery on Thanksgiving monday. I’ll likely stay up on Monday night to see the upload again (blogger duties and all) but I’m sure it will be all the same items which you can see in the Surprise Upload post with pictures of all the items that were uploaded. I’m hoping for some black, coal or black swan Wunder Under Crops to come up so thats what I’m keeping my eye on but they were not uploaded yesterday. 

Creamsicle Pop Scuba Hoodie 

Wow, this one is bright!

Tender Violet Wunder Under Crops *reversible

these ones are double layered fabric and actually are reversible. I wish the Bordeaux Drama Reversible ones where like that. 

Rose Herringbone Black Define Jacket, Tender Violet CRB peaking out

I love this Define Jacket and it’s definitely a keeper for me. I wonder though if there might be a Polar Cream version. 

 Back to Class Jacket over the Polar Cream Cool Racerback

Creamsicle Pop Free to Be Bra with Tender Violet Wunder Under Crops


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