I have a big hate on for this Presence of Mind Jacket but even I have to admit it is vastly improved in such a great color as Bordeaux Drama.

 Bordeaux Drama Studio Pant II *No Liner

These are selling quickly!

Angel Blue Define Jacket paired with Bordeaux Drama Studio Crops and Pigment Blue CRB. I’ve been really wanting to see more pictures of the Angel Define paired with Bordeaux studio pants or crops

 Bordeaux Drama Define Jacket

Presence of Mind LS in Pretty Pink Tonka Stripe

If I had a money tree this is the top I’d get to pair with the Bordeaux Studio Pants. I haven’t been very interested in this top in other colors but for some reason it really speaks to me in this colorway (and I’ve not been attracted to Pretty Pink items either).

Twinkle Print Turbo Shorts 

(I mistakenly called the last picture of Twinkle Turbo shorts speed shorts but they were in fact Turbo’s)


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  1. November 29, 2016 / 1:02 am

    Why do you hate the presence of mind wrap??

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