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Size Comparison: Right As Rain Jacket (TTS and Sized Up)

September 5, 2012

I often feel wishy washy about sizing due to my curvier pear shaped figure and petite proportions so while yesterday I was inclined to size up to a 12 in this yesterday, today I felt the need to  retry the Right As Rain Jacket on with different types of layers underneath and get a couple of educators opinions.  

On the left is the size 10 which fit comfortably with the exception of when I hold my arms forward I can feel slight tightness in the shoulders. The arms themselves are roomy enough to accommodate a light hoodie, it’s just in the shoulder opening that I notice the tightness and only when I stretch my arms out. I tried it on over the Carry and Go Hoodie and it was comfortable enough, but it was more comfortable over something thin like the Define Jacket or a tee. Sitting down it felt like it pulled slightly at the shoulders but not quite enough that it was uncomfortable. The 12, felt roomy all over even with the Carry and Go Hoodie underneath and it flared out more at the hem which I liked but I felt the 10 looked more slimming which is what the Eds thought too, they said the 12 looked just a bit too big. I like the 10 better today but I just wish there was about 1/2″ of more flare around the hips. 

Anyways, hopefully you can use these pictures to decide for yourself what your fit preference is. 

TTS 10 on left, sized up to 12 on the right

 TTS 10 on the left, sized up 12 on the right

 I also tried on the Cashew version of the jacket in my TTS 10 and I really liked the color but in white/off white it’s not as slimming and I also didn’t love how the back looked over my butt. The color makes it look a bit more like a snow board jacket to me while the black looked more urban soccer mom (not that thats a great look to shoot for but it suites my lifestyle a bit better). I’d also never be able to keep the Cashew clean

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