Sorry for the late post today, we were at the zoo in Seattle all day and just got home so just catching up on what was released in stores and what we can expect for tonights upload. 

New Speed Shorts spotted in Vancouver store. 

Cool Racerback Tonka Striped Bordeaux Drama

Looks like stores are getting these Bordeaux Drama CRB’s in today

Cool Racerback *Bonded

New bonded seam CRB’s are likely solid versions of the Heathered Split Pea and Angel Blue.

 Low Rider Pant

Run: Star Runner SS

Tonka Striped Bordeaux Drama Sun Runner! 

Run: Track Time Crop

I really like these a lot. I’d almost trade my Run Chase Me Crops in Indigo Wee are From Space for these. 

Virtue Energy Pant

Bordeaux Drama Wunder Under Crop

I really like these. I never go for the pant version but the Crops tempt me. Too bad about the gusset though. It’s obvious from almost every single picture I’ve seen of wunder under pants (and other tight pants) that the new gusset is a universal problem. Wether it be because it creates CT or because the gusset is placed way too far back making it extremely visible from behind. 

 Aphrodite Tank


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