by Cristina

Quicky Store Report and OOTD

August 21, 2012

This is my sicky OOTD. Still sick, still feeling like poop and really missing crossfit.  My Tea Lounge Crops with Angel Blue CRB and my Joe Fresh Burn Out Tee (love it!! $12!!!!!). I feel I look pretty put together today for someone with a serious head and chest cold when I actually feel like going grocery shopping in my flannel pajama bottoms and gross slippers. 

Tried these Carry and Go Crops on today and liked them in the size down with the hems folded up. The waist can either sit really high for a super high rise, or you can wear it as intended with saggy crotch. I was able to pass on these though since I like my Tea Lounge Crops better. 

Feeling infatuated with Angel Blue lately and if the Turbo Tank in this color is available next month I may get it. 

Love the shape of the Keep on Running Duffel. Its been the only bag shape that I’ve really liked since the Bon Voyage Duffel came out. I need to start carrying my gym bags to crossfit since the only other time I get to use them is when I’m traveling which is kind of sucky. 

Warrior Pant with Angel Blue Turbo Tank

 Split Pea Turbo Run Shorts, Carry and Go Pants, Turbo Tanks and Keep On Running Duffel

Wanted to try these Wunder Unders on today but I didn’t see them in store. If they have the coverage of the older Wunder Unders (because they reverse to black it’s possible) then I’d consider getting these for Crossfit. Definitely would pass though if they are as sheer as the last several colors of Wunder Unders. 

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