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Fit Review: Ride On Anorak, Coco Softshell, Pedal Power Pant,

August 14, 2012

Lots of goodies were in store today, some items that weren’t uploaded too. I found this Ride On Anorak as well as the Special Edition (zig zag print) Power Purple Swiftly LS. Lots of items that were uploaded I just didn’t have time to try on but would still like to. I did see the milky way Power Y and it is in fact high polyester. The print didn’t grab me in person. I also saw the Scoop Me Ups in Split Pea Tonka Stripe and Pigment Blue and the Run: Nothin’ But Run in Power Purple was so beautiful. 

Ride On Anorak

This jacket fit me huge but I sort of really like it for the purpose that it’s intended. I almost wish I had a job I could cycle too because this capsule is about 1000x nicer then the last cycling capsule. I don’t have a need for this type of jacket and it’s a little too big to look good as casual wear so I wasn’t tempted but I did like it none the less. This was a M/L and I would have gone with the S/M instead. It’s long, the sleeves are really wide and it’s a long boxy fit but there is something really cute about it and it can easily be layered over whatever outfit you are wearing to work. 

 Turtle back though. I didn’t like that back turtle shell. 

Coco Softshell

Oh man I love this jacket. Admittedly it doesn’t look as great on me with my pear shape as it does on a lot of the other people I’ve seen wear it but I still really like it. This is a size 10 and it’s very loose in places but I wouldn’t size down in this. The inside is mictrofleece lined (similar to the Audrey Jacket and the Bomber Jacket, but the outside is softer and more flexible) and so it can be a little stiff so for ease of layering I’d stick to TTS. I ordered this one this morning after much stressing about it and I’m going to think about it. It’s too gorgeous to pass up and it’s the perfect weight for Vancouver winters. 

 Pedal Power Pant

I tried on the Pedal Power Pant on a whim and I really liked them a lot. I think on slimmer figures the darting at the front panel/hip area bags out too much, but on me with my wider hips and higher rise it laid flat and provided a really comfortable fit. They were tight coming up over my hips but once in place they fit really well and the waist hugged me without causing muffin top. TTS, size 10 and I could have sized up to the 12 for a baggier fit but I like the skinny jean look in these and they were quite comfortable.  I liked that it’s a slim leg that doesn’t bag out at the waist which is an issue with skinny jeans on pear shapes sometimes. They are very skinny jean like with a woven material that feels like a soft stretchy denim.  If they ever reach mark down I will strongly consider getting them but for now I’m passing a) because I have to and b) because if I want the ‘jeans’ look I have a lot of jeans that sort of fit like this. If I want sporty casual pants I have DSP’s. Really, they just don’t fit my lifestyle at the moment and it’d be a bit poserish for me to get them. Although again, if I commuted to work I would definitely get these. And I’m really wishing I had a job now that I could cycle to. And I’d have a basket on my bike to bring baguettes and a bottle of wine home after work. Or a Vespa. I’d love to wear this while riding a Vespa. 

 Presence Of Mind Jacket

This wrap thing was AWFUL on me. This was the size 10 and it fit super, super snug in my arms and was cutting off the circulation in my brachial artery. The material was really bulky and just didn’t drape nicely. There was also this stiff zipper at each wrist. I know a lot of you were intrigued by this based on the online picture but it’s really not a well designed wrap. Sure the fleece was really soft and nice but it’s just not a good use of it this kind of material. 

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