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Beautiful Banff Pictures of The Latest: Pedal Power LS in Dense Purple, Ride on Anorak, Pull Me Over Hoodie, Carry and Go Hoodie, Presence of Mind Jacket and More

August 16, 2012

The photos from Banff are always really beautiful but I posted these specifically because most of the items are featured in colors that other stores haven’t posted yet. 

Pedal Power LS in Dense Purple $108

This top is really gorgeous but I feel it’s priced incorrectly. It lacks the features that a run pullover has (pockets, good amount of reflectivity) to justify that price point,  and I feel this one is more of a casual cycling item so should be priced like the Ride on Henley which was $88. The Ride on Henley was recent enough and quickly went to markdown so it’s still fresh in our minds so I suspect this may get repriced or go to markdown. I’m liking some of these cycling pieces but I think we should play the ‘wait till markdown’ on the capsule items. 

 Ride On Anorak, Pedal Power Tights

Pull Me Over Hoodie

This pullover is cropped and its wide. If you are larger busted the hemline will end up just bellow your bust. 

Carry and Go Hoodie

This was the hot seller of the week. It didn’t quite go quickly online but once people started trying them on in store they are loving the fit. Or loving it but wishing it was longer. I got this in Cranberry and really love it a lot so unless the upcoming Sing, Floss, Travel Jackets are in super appealing colors I’m thinking I will keep this one. The commuter denim print really gives it a lot of depth and texture and the pockets add a lot of visual interest. Plus, it’s soft and cozy and we’ve been starved for summer weight hoodies. 

Presence of Mind Jacket

This jacket is so weird to me. Despite the very bad fit on me (super snug in the arms), the bulky fabric causes the sides to flare out like wings and a tail. It just doesn’t drape nicely and for such a cozy jacket the zippers at the wrist are pretty hard and noticeable 

 Coco Softshell

I’ve studied pictures of when this jacket looks really flattering to the shoulders and I think the trick is to leave the top two buttons undone. A reader pointed out that the red version of this jacket feels substantially softer and more flexible (higher polyester on the outer fabric) than the Black and Cream version which have more Nylon in the fabric. 

Petal Power Jacket

Pedal Power Pants

I love these and look forward to getting them on markdown. I’m really cheap when it comes to lulu pants and crops and just have one or two pairs. My last *excitement* for lulu pants were the Ebb and Flows. 

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