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Power Purple Define Jacket, Angel Blue Energy Bra, Deep Indigo Bang Buster Headband and Some Color Comparisons

July 31, 2012

Thanks so much to Tiffany for sharing pictures of the latest items to hit her store. I’m anticipating these items in the upload tonight which means it will probably be pretty spendy. 

Power Purple Define Jacket

I don’t own a Define Jacket and have always gravitated to the In Stride/Stride Jackets but this one is calling to me. The Define Jackets that usually catch my attention are just like this one, solid luon, all one color. I think I’m going to give this one a go. 

 Angel Blue Energy Bra

I really don’t *need* a bra (at all!!!!) but I’m so tempted by this one. Angel Blue is gorgeous and a true Tiffany & Co Blue and it looks especially Tiffanyish in luxtreme. I’m going to hold off on ordering this in hopes that we see a CRB in this color which is something I always have use for. 

There is a new Deep Indigo Bang Buster Headband out. 

Bruised Berry (left) Deep Indigo (right)

Here is a comparison of new Power Purple (bottom/left) and the older version (top/right). The top one is the Yogi Dance Jacket which is brushed luon so that may account to the slight tonal difference. 

And the Angel Blue Energy Bra on top of an old summer 2010 Define Jacket in the same color

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