Clarification: Transition Jacket and Dance Studio Jacket Rumors.

This clarification is for the post I wrote about over here  about a reader commenting that the Transition Jacket is replacing the Dance Studio Jacket. The lovely reader has written in to confirm that indeed she was told by a reliable educator that the Transition Jacket seen in the picture below will be coming in orange (likely Pop Orange) and that it’s meant to replace the Dance Studio Jacket. All of the Dance Studio Jackets at her store had been previously marked down to clear and are no longer available there.  This is really unfortunately news since the two jackets are completely different styles and only really share the same fabric. A reason for this change is likely the more economical  workmanship and lesser fabric of Transition Jacket. The Dance Studio Jacket is a reversible jacket with a three different fabrics (Swift, ribbed luon and sheer luon) and a lot of tailored and balancing seam details and details like ruching and subtle pleating and a hood. I really dislike the design of the Transition Jacket, even more so when you compare it to the Dance Studio Jacket. It’s really sad to me that this is the direction that Lululemon is taking, firmly away from the quality workmanship that made them so well loved and iconic. 

Although I don’t agree that this is a replacement for the Dance Studio Jacket per say, I do believe that Lululemon is not going to be producing more Dance Studio Jackets in order to sell a higher yielding item in the same to/from jacket category – the Transition Jacket. 

The reader further speculated that the picture seen in the website banner picture for jackets (shown in the earlier blog post) which is a running jacket shown in orange *may* be the upcoming orange Transition Jacket, however most commenters on that particular post feel that it is not the Transition Jacket in that photo but another running jacket. 

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