An Australian store just posted these new items in the latest colors, Engineered Mirage Print in the Vitasea Diversity Tank and what I’m pretty sure is Pow Pink in the My Mantra LS. The first run of the My Mantra, I liked but found that since it’s one layer of thin vitasea it showed a lot of imperfections (where the double layer cabin ls’s would normally hide everything). I do really like it in this color though so I want to try it on and see, maybe in a size up it will have a more relaxed fit rather than being so form fitting. Some North American stores are also listing Diversity Wunder Unders in the the Engineered Mirage Print, I’m sure they will be quite sheer in the white portions of the print. 

Diversity Tank

Diversity Wunder Unders in Pow Pink, My Mantra LS in Heathered Fossil

 Heathered Pop Orange Define Jacket
and a Heathered Pop Orange Power Y is listed as well

This is the correct product image for the Pop Orange Define Jacket
Previously posted here

 My Mantra Long Sleeve in Pow Pink


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