Product Drop!! Power Purple Wunder Unders, Ray Wunder Unders, Run: Tie and Fly Tank, Some Like It Hot Crop and Run: For Your Money Jumper

Ooooh a surprise first of the month upload today! I ran in and got my Power Purple Wunder Unders (not reversible) and was surprised to find that the size 10 was loose and quite see thru. I never size down down in Wunder Unders but in this case the fabric is thin and stretchy and sizing down really smoothed me out in areas so I opted for the 8. If you found the Flash and Porcelain Wunder Unders see thru you will find these ones see thru for sure. Too bad the luon has gotten thinner on the wunder unders along with the price increase. I just double checked the ‘husband, is it see thru luon?‘ test and he said the 10’s were a bit see thru but the 8’s were not. 

Size 10

The 10’s felt really loose, especially in the waist

 Yup, gratuitous butt shot. I do have some shame, really I do,  but I thought It’d be helpful to show you how much it shows cellulite in the upper back of the legs in the TTS. 

Size 8 (shown with the Run Tie and Fly Tank)

Run: Tie and Fly Tank (silverescent, Ray, Flash Light, Black and Lilac). 

This one is TTS (size 10 for me) but was not super loose fitting in the torso, just really long. I really like the gradient mesh back. 

Some Like It Hot Crop, Bruised Berry

These were super cute luxtreme hot yoga pants. Its like the running crops but without all the gel pocket features and reflectivity. 

 Run: For Your Money Jumper

Yuck!!! Yucky!!! First, I tried this on for fun but I knew I’d never wear it. It’s really juvenile and looks like an Ivivva figure skating outfit. The skirt is too short on me and weird because it opens up in the middle so it’s not really a skirt, it’s more like a ruffle. The top didn’t blouse up properly on me so if I did like this I would have sized up to a 12. It just didn’t look right on me but I’m sure on a less curvy figure it would look cute enough. 

 I really had to adjust the legs and skirt in order for it to stay closed like on the left picture. Also, the drop waist really highlited my mummy tummy because of the band of polka dot luxtreme. 

 Twisted straps in the back

New Swiftlys in Ray and Lilac. Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve and Racerback

Ray is the brightest of all the highlighter yellow- greens I’ve seen (Faded Zap, Citron etc)

 Flash Light In Stride Jacket

Soft like butter!

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