I went to my store today in search of a Bruised Berry Cool Racerback or that Heathered Deep Navy Daily Tank but the only items they had that were new were the Optimal Tanks. I also was hoping to see the Run: Wild Jackets on markdown but all the markdown items had already been sent to the outlet so I was out of luck. No Mirage print items either. Looks like Metrotown (and most other stores) got the Clam Digger Crops in several colors. I looked at these last year and found they were way more flattering on me than the Still Crops but there was a $20 difference and so I opted for the Stills instead. I don’t think I’ll be getting a pair this year either. 

Hot But Not Tank in Mirage/White

apparently there is a really pretty solid Pop Orange version of this tank out there that has been spotted. Pop Orange Bra and Pop Orange Body. 

Bruised Berry and Pop Orange Swiftly Tech SS, LS and SL’s

Clam Digger Crops
Heathered Dark Coal, White, Black, Heathered Fossil, Heathered Indigo

 Are these Clam Diggers Heathered Indigo maybe? Yes!

 Will Crops (or pants? some pictures look like they’re pants)

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