by Cristina

Pow Pink Wunder Unders in Vancouver!

June 6, 2012

My fellow Vancouverites, Metrotown has posted Pow Pink Wunder Unders in their product notification email. I was there earlier and hanging around the Wunder Under cubbies and caught a glimps of pink in the tiny sizes (4, 6) but there was just one or two of them and I assumed they were old  Paris Pink. My hands were full of the items I was going to try on in one hand and my coffee in the other so I didn’t rifle thru and I completely forgot about it after leaving the fitting room. I now realize those were indeed Pow Pink and I missed the boat on checking it out (wont be getting WU’s anyways, possibly just a CRB). I also was told that grand opening for the new Metrotown store will be June 12th.

For the record, I ended up picking up the Heathered Cole Xlong CRB today and it’s silky soft and very, very nice. It’s only 47% polyester (as apposed to 97% which is gross) so I had to get it. It’s not a color I gravitate to but I needed a versatile neutral (for Power Purple WU’s) and the fact that it was long and butt covering with pretty Ray contrast stitching was a bonus as well as the fact that the fabric composition made it one of ‘the good ones’. 

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